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US Venture Capital Firm Andreessen Horowitz Begins Publishing Lectures For ‘Crypto Startup School’

Key United States based VC firm Andreessen Horowitz has commenced publishing educational material for its digital asset focused bootcamp.

Andreessen Horowitz (also called a16z) has begun releasing an online version of “Crypto Startup School.” Interestingly, it’s a 7-week education course for crypto entrepreneurs.

Startup news website TechCrunch published the first 2 lectures on 13th May. The remaining material will sooner or later become accessible on the website of Andreesen Horowitz.

The 1st lecture dubbed “Crypto Networks and Why They Matter” was held by Andreessen Horowitz general partner Chris Dixon. In the lecture, Dixon argues that blockchains can mature into the ensuing foremost computing platform after smartphones and the web.

Dan Boneh, a professor in applied cryptography and computer security at Stanford University delivered the second presentation. He discussed the basic features of blockchain such as mining, private keys, and zero-knowledge proofs.

Crypto Startup School took place in Menlo Park, California. Overall, forty-five students from the United States and overseas attended the bootcamp. As per the organization, these students were carefully chosen from among thousands of applicants.

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