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Voyager CEO: Digital Asset Businesses Will Be Rewarded Over The Long Term

Running digital asset businesses is a hard journey that is not for the faint of heart. Nevertheless, as per Stephen Ehrlich, the co-founder and CEO of Voyager Digital, patience is the key, and the rewards will come in the long run. Voyager Digital CEO Stephen Ehrlich mentioned,

“Crypto is becoming more and more of a long-term safe haven for future generations.”

Several entities have invested time and money in developing digital asset-related businesses. Reports detailing last year show that more than thirty billion dollars worth of investments flowed from venture capitals. Ehrlich mentioned that these Venture Capitalists and private organizations will surely be rewarded long-term for their faith in the digital asset space. Apart from that, he is of the opinion that investors in public organisations will also reap rewards.

He said,

“In 2021, Bitcoin outperformed all major asset classes, one-upping crude oil, NASDAQ, the S&P 500 and gold. Moreover, the number of “hodlers” is trending in a positive direction, signaling crypto’s long-term viability.”

He added,

“Such mainstream adoption is an incredible sign — not only are people willing to buy and trade crypto, but they’re also willing to work for it. As a society, we are progressing in a direction that puts more store of value in cryptocurrencies.”

While there are several good things, there are also challenges that digital asset businesses face. One of these is digital asset regulation and policies. Nonetheless, as per Ehrlich, most of the problems that the industry is facing are direct results of its success.

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