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What Will Crypto ETF Mean for the World?

The past month saw wild crypto price swings, complete turn-arouds of crypto enthusiasts’ expectations from the actual executed official policies and decisions. The decisions taken by SEC for example, leave a very uncertain future for cryptocurrency. In other words, this was just another month in crypto. Well, almost just another month.

While crypto connoisseurs are now forced to wait longer to reap the benefits of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) in the world of crypto, the real benefiters will be those who are outside of crypto.

While over half of the world’s population now has access to the internet, at the same time less than 7% of the world’s population is estimated to have passed high school (equivalent). Considering the complexity associated with crypto usage whilst not compromising on security (like using MetaMask, Ledger, etc), it is equitable to state that the majority of people find it difficult to use/invest/live-trade in or with cryptocurrencies. Though Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) cannot help in crypto usage, they are the ideal solution to invest into crypto while completely avoiding live-trading in the outrageously volatile crypto market.

Modern incarnation of ETFs goes back to early 1990s. The subsequent 3 decades have seen some of the largest investor wealth growth per capita. This is because the underlying composition and asset of the ETFs are chosen by market veterans and the collective components tokenized as shares (not decentralized). As the unit holders of these ETFs reap the benefit of dividends from the underlying assets, the long term investor gets the benefits subjected to market risks. This ease of use and the added benefit of easily sellable/tradable ETFs over mutual funds have catapulted this marketable security to world fame. Now with big financial guns of giant banks and billion and even trillion dollar hedge funds foraying into crypto due to the sound fundamentals, one way or another crypto ETFs will happen eventually. So what does this mean? Soon investing into the future of blockchain technology will become easier than ever. For everyone.

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