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Women in Blockchain Talks Founder: NFTs Present A Pathway To Draw Women Into Crypto Space

As per Women in Blockchain Talks founder and host Lavinia Osbourne, women seeking a way to enter a male-dominated domain like digital assets and blockchain may be drawn in by NFTs. She mentioned that the recent gush and media coverage of nonfungible tokens had made digital assets “more relatable” to numerous individuals in the arts and other creative areas.

Osbourne mentioned,

“People look at NFTs and it’s like ‘it’s different — I don’t actually get the technology. When they’re hearing all these stories about people making money on NFTs, it’s like ‘how can I get involved?’ I think NFTs are a good pathway to entice people into the space.”

She further said that if women involved in the arts domain want to have a profession that has some longevity to it, then they have to look at these spaces. She commented,

“Traditionally it’s just been overwhelmingly male, and there’s been nothing to counteract that.”

She added,

“If we want to bring in more women, then we need to shine a spotlight on women, so that other women can see those other women and feel comfortable to know that this space is for them as well.”

Notably, Osbourne and others are working to lead the way for around fifty thousand women into the blockchain space by 2023. She is also leading a campaign that motivates women to sign up and learn more about the benefits, including financial as well as personal benefits, of entering the crypto space.

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