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Wyoming Legalizes Crypto Deposits In Online Sports Betting

The US state of Wyoming has passed a new law decriminalizing online sports betting in the state with wagerers able to fund their accounts with bookmakers using digital assets. The bill authorizes online sports gambling in the state with bookmakers permitted to accept digital currency deposits from wagerers.

Mark Gordon, the Governor of Wyoming signed House Bill 133 into law recently, with new rules anticipated to take effect from 1st September. The move witnesses Wyoming becoming the 2nd state in the US to allow online sports betting.

As part of the bill, the state’s legislature stated digital assets as appropriate means of making deposits into online sports betting books.

Apart from digital assets, gamblers can also use cashier’s checks, travelers’ checks, money orders and credit cards, among others, to fund their accounts with online sports betting bookmakers.

Nevertheless, prospective online sports betting licensees will have to offer online wagering services in at least 3 jurisdictions of the United States to obtain authorizations from Wyoming regulators, as per the requirements of the bill.

The addition of digital assets as an approved cash equivalent is the newest instance of Wyoming’s liberal policies toward virtual currencies.

Certainly, Wyoming is the 1st state in the United States to permit digital asset deposits for online betting. In the meantime, British bookmakers have been permitted to receive virtual asset payments on their platforms since 2016.

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